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Adeel Farooqui | Associate (Alum)

Adeel is an expert Marketeer and Brand builder with more than 16 years in FMCG industry. He has worked with the world’s top companies like Procter & Gamble managing billion dollar brands like H&S, Pantene, Tide, Wella and many more.

He has also worked with emerging multinationals like Marico, creating new brands and portfolios, guiding where to play and how to win strategies across Middle East, North Africa and Pakistan. Adeel has a strong experience and knowledge of working in developed markets like Saudi, UAE, Belgium as well as low income markets like Egypt, Pakistan, Morocco.

Adeel’s portfolio of work includes managing global brands behind classical marketing campaigns as well as developing disruptive marketing models to lead challenger brands win against market leaders.

In his most recent engagement he guided Marico to a 360 plan to enter MENA white space successfully. The plan involved identifying the right markets, categories, products and brands to enter and win in the region as well as the best sourcing models and developing comprehensive blue prints for each brand in the portfolio.

Prior to this Adeel led the Haircare and Color Portfolio for P&G MENA with full volume and profit responsibility. During this assignment Adeel managed a full regional relaunch of Pantene brand as well as multiple line extensions and flankers for the rest of the portfolio. During this assignment Adeel took on a special project to improve execution of modern trade instore fundamentals and drive ROI for brand initiatives. Through deep dive analysis and correlating store wise offtakes to store executions and shopper understanding, sales and promotions budget was reduced by 20% without affecting P&G market share.

While working as the brand manager for Head&Shoulders, Middle East business, Adeel shaped the first long term digital strategy for the brand and in turn led the brand to highest ever shares in the Middle East. Under the platform of ‘H&S Freestyle’, H&S established a community for youngsters to showcase their freestyle across multiple sporting platforms like football, parkour, cycling etc. The platform remains a global pillar and best practice for H&S brand.

In his regional innovation role Adeel oversaw multiple upstream innovation projects across P&G’s laundry portfolio as well as white space launches, such as establishing a detergent plant in Pakistan. Working for the Tide brand, Adeel led a complete upgrade of the Tide Design and Equity blue print, creating a sharp positioning for the brand differentiating it from P&G other top tier brand Ariel. Adeel also successfully led the complex project of formula compaction to drive more sustainable product formula as an industry standard.

Adeel has also been a global trainer for P&G with specific focus on ‘Brand Architecture’, ‘Evaluating Marketing Communication’ and ‘P&G brand building framework’.

As a professional, he remains highly passionate about solving problems related to business and brand strategy. He believes in forming collaborative partnerships, working in teams and determining root causes to deliver break-through results which drive both business and people.

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