Areas of Expertise

Marketing & Positioning

“The business of marketing, aligned to people, products and experiences”


At a generic level, we develop, together, your marketing needs, be it defining your company’s brand, or connecting with the desired target audience; all through experiential marketing that leaves its mark.

We can support strategically, such as translating your company needs into tangible marketing plans that clearly build on your positioning while promoting the agreed message, with further phases establishing your communications platform.

If your needs are more tactical, your support requirement may be media training, or presentation techniques that cater to a specific marketing requirement.

Our range of partnered approaches include client solutions in the key areas of:

  • * Marketing Strategy and Plan Creation
  • * Branding and Positioning
  • * Tactical Marketing Execution
  • * Agency and Resource Recommendation
  • * Narrative / Press / Speechwriting
  • * Media and Presentation Training


The first coffee is on us, so feel free to click here and connect with our marketing team.

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