Our Team

Jonathan Guyer | Senior Associate (Alum)

Jonathan has over 30 years of Middle East and Africa experience built up whilst working in a, predominantly, supply chain and logistics context for some of the world and region’s best-known food, dairy & fresh as well as fast-moving consumer goods companies. He joined Accelerate Evolution on an Associate basis in 2015.

Jonathan brings highly relevant industry experience from multiple geographies and cultural environments, and is well placed to promote how best to gain the maximum value from this increasingly complex must-win environment.

He has been operationally involved with warehousing, transportation and freight in his earlier career whilst he moved into more comprehensive supply chain management roles, both operational as well as project based prior to dedicating his skills to advisory and consulting.

Jonathan has been in the Middle East region for over 15 years, with a significant amount of his time spent in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – indeed in his last corporate assignment he served as the Group Head of Supply Chain for one of the largest dairy companies there. Prior to his time in the Middle East Jonathan was based in South Africa.

His regional exposure, rigorous commitment to data-driven analysis, remarkable ability to pursue and deliver tangible results and his dedication to imparting his knowledge and skills to those organizations that benefit most from it make him a most valuable member of the Accelerate Evolution team.

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