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LEAN & Operations Excellence 

“Working More Efficiently – Streamlining Processes and Eliminating Waste”


How much waste does your organisation produce? Do you ever have to wait for someone else to finish a task before you can get on with your own work? Do you have a large inventory of unsold stock? Do you have more workstations than you need? Or do you order materials months in advance of when they are needed? How about flexibility? If consumers want a modification to your product, can you quickly change your processes to meet their needs?

‘Waste’ costs your organisation and your customer’s money, and if your customers have to pay more because of it, they might go elsewhere. Being competitive also requires flexibility; your organisation must be able to meet the changing demands of your customers quickly and effectively, and adapt to a rapidly changing business environment.

So, how can an organisation reduce waste and do things more efficiently? And how can a business keep up with the changing demands of consumers?

First mentioned in James Womack’s 1990 book, “The Machine That Changed the World,” LEAN, or Operations Excellence, is a theory that can help organisations to simplify and organise their working environment so that they can reduce waste, and keep their people, equipment, and workspace responsive to what’s needed right there and then.

Through formal education and training as well as hands-on experience most members of Accelerate Evolution’s team have been exposed to the LEAN revolution throughout their careers. Some of our Associates have taken this a step further and have become LEAN practitioners having been involved in large scale LEAN deployments in manufacturing as well as non-manufacturing environments.

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