Our Team

Stuart Waters | Senior Associate

Stuart has over 20 years of practical people management and development experience attained within the Telco, IT, O&G, Finance and Travel sectors. He has worked in geographically dispersed environments across China, Philippines, UK and UAE, dealing with both insourced and outsourced workforce scenarios.

Having worked in numerous multicultural, multilingual environments, Stuart’s keen eye for process improvement, natural flexibility and “sleeves rolled up” approach have proven essential assets to achieving successful outcomes in often challenging circumstances.

Stuart’s key skills include the ability to recruit, train and manage the ongoing professional development of a variety of work forces, ranging from unskilled workers to highly technical staff, ensuring they remain effective, fit-for-purpose members of the team at all times. More recently in the UAE, Stuart has become increasingly involved with a number of projects focused on driving localization of the workforce within large MNCs. Stuart is passionate about this hugely interesting challenge and believes it is one that all companies across the GCC must embrace today if they are to continue to be regionally successful in the future.

When not on his soapbox, Stuart is a keen Petrol Head. He has many classic car restorations under his belt and is now turning his hand to the world of 4X4s…..when he has the time. Of course, being a father to a 3 year old means that time is always in short supply!

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