Management Consultants, do they really Add Value?

July 24, 2015

When, and why do organizations need Consultants?

by: Andy Bradbury | Managing Partner

These are questions that we asked ourselves over and over again before we decided to establish Accelerate Evolution.

When working in the corporate environment, in our prior professional career, our collective opinion of Consultants was often aligned with the standard cliché:

‘Consultants are people that ask you if they can borrow your watch so they can tell you the time, but then subsequently don’t give it back to you’.

However upon reflection and throughout our own professional careers, there were many situations where we would have welcomed external help to overcome specific business challenges.

During the initial feasibility study stages of Accelerate Evolution it was identified that the need for facilitators fall into specific categories, which are as follows:


1. When an Organization is in trouble

2. When an Organization is on the move

3. When an Organization is trying to do what they do better, faster and more cost efficiently


1. Staff augmentation i.e. ‘plug a temporary hole’ in staffing requirements

2. External change force i.e. ‘internal political cover’

3. Best practice propagation i.e. knowledge and experience transference

4. Analytical horsepower i.e. breadth and depth of experience to bring to bear on challenges that an organization needs assistance in resolving

5. Fresh set of eyes perspective i.e. provide a critical eye towards measurement, analysis and improvement

6. Training and skill-set augmentation i.e. Consultants educate Client employees on necessary knowledge, skills and mindsets

The overall conclusion of the Accelerate Evolution feasibility study was that the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East as a whole are economies on the move! and businesses are constantly in need of external assistance to help them to keep up and indeed help management to ‘Accelerate’ the ‘Evolution’ of their organization.

Accelerate Evolution is your virtual Management Team in times of need

Please contact us for more information and how Accelerate Evolution can improve your organisation to be more efficient and profitable.


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