Strategy & Business Transformation

Strategy & Business Transformation

“Playing to Win – Developing a Winning Strategy”


Every day, companies compete with other companies to survive and succeed. Competitors have the same goal: to win. This is why management needs to think carefully about how to get ahead – businesses need to develop winning strategies.

It’s hard to do this. If the strategy is wrong (and this includes not thinking about strategy at all), a business will fall behind its rivals, and it may never recover its position. However, get strategy right, and an organization can pull ahead of the competition.

So, how does one develop a winning strategy? The Five Step Strategy Model framework used by the Accelerate Evolution team helps decision makers to select the right strategic approach for their organization. They can then make operational choices that support their strategy.

Our extended range of management support activities in Strategy & Business Transformation include:

Strategic Planning & Management

  • * Strategy review and audit
  • * Strategy development
  • * Strategy execution roadmap development
  • * Strategy deployment/execution support
  • * Business Start-up support – incl. of business plan development and  management support


Business Transformation

  • * Conceptualise transformation
  • * Current status assessment
  • * Design of future state
  • * Business case development
  • * Transformation roadmap development
  • * Develop/Manage transformation project
  • * Change management


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Marketing & Positioning

Marketing & Positioning

“The business of marketing, aligned to people, products and experiences”


At a generic level, we develop, together, your marketing needs, be it defining your company’s brand, or connecting with the desired target audience; all through experiential marketing that leaves its mark.

We can support strategically, such as translating your company needs into tangible marketing plans that clearly build on your positioning while promoting the agreed message, with further phases establishing your communications platform.

If your needs are more tactical, your support requirement may be media training, or presentation techniques that cater to a specific marketing requirement.

Our range of partnered approaches include client solutions in the key areas of:

  • * Marketing Strategy and Plan Creation
  • * Branding and Positioning
  • * Tactical Marketing Execution
  • * Agency and Resource Recommendation
  • * Narrative / Press / Speechwriting
  • * Media and Presentation Training


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Business Operations Management

Business Operations Management

“Achieving operational excellence through connecting People, Processes and Systems”


Ensuring People, Processes and Systems are working together in harmony to achieve positive and sustainable results, is fundamental to the long term success of any organization. Our Associates support organizations who have temporary operations management requirements on an interim basis.

We deploy interim COO’s, CEO’s and functional managers in a variety of businesses to fill gaps and to provide support and bandwidth in times of heightened activity.

Accelerate Evolution Associates also help businesses with building Operations Excellence programs, driving Continuous Improvement projects and implementing ERP systems both in project lead roles as well as on a subject-matter-expert basis.

A selection of our specialty areas of expertise in Business Operations Management include:


Operations Management

  • * Production, Operations, Service & Maintenance Management
  • * Interim COO/CEO
  • * Customer Service support


Advisory & Project Support


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Finance & GRC

Finance & GRC

“Helping organizations achieving financial objectives ethically”


Effective Finance & Governance, Risk Management & Compliance departments are integral to running a sustainable, financially sound and ethical business.

Our Associates support organizations who have temporary operational finance management requirements on an interim basis. We deploy Associates to fill gaps in all areas of the finance function. This ranges from providing transactional accounting support through to assisting CFOs with budgeting and business planning challenges.

Often we are requested to temporarily function in the CFO role to ensure business continuity.

We also assist organizations with strategic Finance and GRC project implementations both in project lead roles as well as on a subject matter expert basis.

An overview of our specialty areas of expertise in Finance & GRC include:


Finance Management

  • * Interim finance and accounting solutions
  • * Interim CFO
  • * Budgeting & business planning


Advisory & Project Support


  • * Business restructuring
  • * ERP implementation – SME
  • * Business startup & company formation
  • * Market entry due diligence


Governance, Risk Management & Compliance

  • * GRC auditing
  • * CAPA management
  • * Import/Export controls 
  • * ABAC support
  • * Financial data forensics 



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Information Technology

Information Technology

“Partnered Information Technology Services and Solutions”


We provide IT advisory services that enable organisations to leverage their investments both in IT and Technology enabled business initiatives to realize value through visionary leadership and committed management practises.

We achieve this by sharing our expertise and selection of appropriate techniques and tools that are fit for purpose to support IT Governance, Solution Delivery and Service Management.

We are well positioned to support businesses by deploying subject matter experts in Forensic Data Analysis, BI, and ERP application implementation and optimization. We also help organizations with transformation of business processes through Digitilisation.

To support transitions or bring about a step change in services’ quality or costs, our interim management offering provides assistance in managing IT operations with a clear focus on desired objective. This offering complements IT departments’ capabilities during times of increase in demand or transformation for improved utilization of resources by training on and embedding of desired behaviours.

Our range of partnered approaches include client focused support for IT in the key areas of:

  • * Investment Management
  • * Strategic Planning
  • * Risk Management
  • * Service Management
  • * Solution Delivery
  • * Application and Technology Management
  • * Business Solutions


If you want to find out more about how we can help your organization with their Information Technology needs please click here to connect with our IT professionals.

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